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You have to buy groceries anyway, so why not save money while doing it?

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Free Stuff Canada!  That's right you heard me correctly free stuff Canada.  This site contains more free stuff than you can shake a stick at.  I like free stuff and since you're here I know you do as well.  Each day I'll be adding more free stuff including freebies, coupons, programs to make free money and more so make sure you check back often.

Free $10 Activia Coupon Book (Canada)

Grab your FREE $10 Activia Coupon Book. To get your Free coupon book simply sign up to take the Activia Everyday Challenge and your book will be sent to you in the mail. Limit one per person. Get your free Activia coupon book

Free Moisturizer Sample (USA)

Get a free Long Lasting Replens Moisturizer sample. “Like” their Facebook page and fill out the form. Allow at least 6-8 weeks for your sample to be delivered. Get your free Replens Moisturizer sample

Free Sample of Kind Bars (USA & Canada)

Get a Free Kind Snack Bar! Click “Yes I’ll Do It”. Click the send a kind bar button. That name and email address will get an email with a link to the sample form. Click here to get your free Kind snack bar.

Free sample of Splenda Minis (Canada)

Introducing SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener, Minis. It's the newest, most portable SPLENDA Sweetener yet. SPLENDA Minis are perfect anywhere or wherever you are. Each SPLENDA Minis tablet is equivalent in sweetness to 1/2 of a SPLENDA No Calorie Sweetener packet or 1 teaspoon of sugar. So rather than stuffing packets in your bag, pocket, or sacrificing the sweetness you deserve, take along SPLENDA Minis and live it up. Enjoy the moment. Sign up for a free sample containing two tablets.

Free sample of Vitamints (Canada)

Get a free sample of Vitamints on the go vitamins. If your New Year's resolution was to loose weight, this can be a great way to help keep in shape. Get your free sample of Vitamints.

Free Nivea Men's Shave Gel (USA)

Facebook fans, get a free sample of Nivea for Men shave gel. You’ll receive a free coupon offer when you have ‘liked’ their Facebook page and watched a video. Get your free sample of Nivea Men's shave gel

Free Jamba Juice Coupon (US)

Download this coupon and redeem it at a participating location for a free Jamba Juice. Get your free Jamba juice coupon here.

Happy Holidays

on Sat, 12/22/2012 - 15:29

Happy Holidays from I Like Free Stuff Blog. May it be full of free stuff!

Free Box of Kelloggs (Canada)

Get a free box of Kelloggs by downloading this printable coupon from websaver. Redeemable for a wide variety of cereal products. Get a free box of Kelloggs cereal

Free Probiotics Yums Sample (US)

Get a free sample of Probiotics Yums. Keep your kids healthy this winter with this great dietary supplement. Get your free sample while supplies last. Free Probiotics Yums